Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Archer County Hunt

I went to the Bridwell Ranch in Archer County with my dad, brother and his kids along with Bridwell Hood. It was a great weekend that brought great results. We came home with six bucks including Zachary and Stephen's first ones. We spent the day hunting the 32,000 acres and would cook out over the campfire for lunch and dinner. It was the first-ever hunt that we have all been able to go on together. It was a great weekend! Enjoy the pics.

View from my ground blind where Stephen and I both shot a buck.
View from my rock blind on the Horseshoe Pasture.

The weekend's haul - 6 bucks.

The whole hunting group. Dad, Montana, David, me, Stephen, Brid and Zachary.

Dad, David, Stephen and Zachary with their deer.

David and my nephew Stephen.

Cleaning the biggest of my two bucks.

Stephen with the first buck he ever killed. He is a shooter. He has pulled the trigger on three deer in his life and has knocked down all three.

Stephen in our ground blind.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Camp of the Hills

To those of you who have had an affiliation with Camp of the Hills over the years, please take a few minutes and go to the following link to find out some information about a dinner we have planned for February 27 at The Zone Club at Kyle Field in College Station. It is going to be a great night of reunion and celebration for the benefit of Camp of the Hills.