Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colorado Cabin - Work and Play

I spent a few weeks at the family cabin in Colorado building our decks, fishing, kayaking and backpacking. We had a great time with a lot of family and friends. We completed our two back decks as well as one in the front of the house. Once the major work was done we spent time on the river fishing and kayaking as well as spent some time on the trail. We did a day-hike up Rubalid Trail to the waterfall and then did a two-day backpacking trip up Elk Creek to First Meadows. All-in-all it was a great time. It sure is nice to sit on those porches around the fire pit in the evenings.Arriving at First Meadows Dad, David and the boys around the camp fire in the morning.
Back at the trailhead after packing out.
Alice sleeping away the afternoon thunderstorms.

I had to climb this pine to get Zachary's fishing fly out of the tree.
Boiling water for coffee and hot cocoa.
Our camp at First Meadows
On the trail with Brianne.
Mom and Dad on the trail.
Kayaking the Conejos.
Taking a break from fly fishing with Alice.

Flyfishing with Alice.

At the waterfall with Brianne.

Our first sunset on our new back porch.

We had our cousin Kim burn this in to the side of the deck in honor of Uncle Allan. He passed away a year ago and this was the first project we have done without him at the cabin.

Me, Brianne, Sarah and David at the waterfall.

Me and Alice on the trail.

A look at the front deck. We will add the roof next summer.

The finished back decks.

Me and Brianne on lunch break on the top deck.
Dad on the front porch.

Me and David nailing joist hangers.

Framing up the front deck.

Framing up the top deck on the back.
Dad adding the 45's on the posts.

Dato-cutting the posts for the deck frame.

Planning out the front deck.
The Leftwich kids and Stephen and Klayton watching us work.

Decking the back porch.
Stephen and Hogan "humping" lumber for us.

Dad, Josh and Hogan nailing joist hangers.
Putting up one of the back posts.
Planning out the back deck.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roatan Shark Dive

We took our final dive in Roatan today and we definitely saved the best for last. We went on a shark dive off the southern coast of the island. At the end of the reef - about two miles out and 70 feet down - is a sandy area next to a coral wall where the school of sharks spend their time. At first, we stood against the reef and watched the sharks swim in front of us then we were given the go-ahead to swim out in the blue with the sharks. There were about 18 reef sharks circling and swimming right up and around us for about 15 minutes. At the end of the dive the dive master opened his bucket of chum and the sharks went into a feeding frenzy trying to get the chum out of the bucket. It was quite a site and an amazing experience! Enjoy the pics!