Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surgery Day - Finally

So I have have had a torn labram in my right shoulder since November and have been awaiting J.P. to begin acceptimg my insurance so that he can do the surgery. Well, today was the day. They put me under around 2 and I emerged from unconciousness around 4:30. Everthing went well and now I have a long road of rehab ahead. Doc Bramhall said it would be one month in a sling and six months before I liked him again. I plan to dominate rehab and push this timetable as much as possible. Here are some pics from the day.


Dad was so worried he could hardly get a nap as we waited for the doctor.

Doc came by prior to the procedure. They were putting an anesthesia block in my neck at the time so remember very little about his visit.

This is a pic of the anesthesiologist putting the block on my right arm. The poked a needle in through my neck and rooted around in there until they hit the nerve at just the correct angle. It was pretty cool because my upper right torso would spasm uncontrollably until they found just the right spot.

Post-op in the recovery room.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Time

I am currently sitting in the Denver Airport awaiting my flight to Austin following the funeral of my Uncle Allan. Unlce Allan was one man that EVERYBODY loved. It didn't matter how long you knew him, he endeared himself to you almost immediately. He passed on Mother's Day following a 2-year battle with cancer. He was certainly brave and strong to the end but it was time for his suffering to end.

As I was sitting in the funeral I was touched by numerous events. The first was Allan's wife Aunt Lou being so strong and noticing her youngest granddaughter, Kayla, really struggling on the pew behind her. It was so touching to see this grandma, who is saying goodbye to her high school sweetheart, wave her granddaughter up to come sit with her and embrace and comfort her during the ceremony. To see that love and selflessness was really touching.

The other moment that really wet my eyes was when the American Legion honored Uncle Allan for his service in the Navy with a 21-gun salute and presented Aunt Lou with the flag that covered his coffin. Allan was so proud of the work he did to protect our freedoms as Americans.

I sat and thought of my family and friends and the marriages that surround me and hoped that those I love will be lucky enough to have a lifetime love - even amidst the struggles of life - like Alan and Lou have shared. I will continue to pray for all of those relationships as well as my prayer for a relationship like that of my own.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 Big 12 Champions

Wednesday night we completed the sweep of Texas and claimed sole possession of the 2008 Big 12 Title. We finished the conference season with a 17-1 mark and a 47-7 overall record.